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Can Your AdWords Campaign Perform Better?

Do you feel your AdWords campaigns should be producing more leads or conversions? Is your phone ringing more or less than it was at this time last year? Legitimate questions to ask yourself, especially if you feel that our AdWords campaign should be performing better.

Running your AdWords campaign is serious business, serious enough to require a full-time / hands-on commitment from your AdWords specialist. Unfortunately, too many agencies sell the full-time / hands-on approach, then deliver a more complacent and lackadaisical commitment. This is because AdWords agencies often rely on just one AdWords specialists to manage many accounts, leaving your campaign with little more than a fraction of the attention it requires.

You Have Better Options

You don’t need to feel trapped in a relationship with your AdWords agency or specialist, there are options and the path to finding better options is quite simple.

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Increase AdWords Performance

SEARCH ADS (up to) 72%
LOCAL ADS (up to) 64%
VIDEO ADS (up to) 63%
DISPLAY ADS (up to) 56%
APP ADS (up to) 53%

Personalized Approach

Attain Shopify Agency offers a more personalized approach for our clients, we help you plan your goals with real strategies then hold ourselves accountable through one-to-one communication (of your choosing). We answer the phone, respond to text messages and reply to emails without delay. To get started simply complete the form to the right and we will contact your at your convenience.

$100 FREE AdWords Credit

$100 FREE AdWords Credit

When you setup an AdWords campaign management account with Attain Shopify Agency, we’ll give you $100 free AdWords credit. This is not the Google credit that only works on new accounts. Our $100 credit works on all AdWords accounts (new and existing), so get started today to redeem your $100 free AdWords credit!